Botanical Garden

17 March 2016

The establishment of the Botanical Garden is yet another major step towards promotion of tourist must-sees in the city of Kielce and Świętokrzyskie region as a geotourist and naturalist’s paradise, bringing education as well as geological and ecological experience to the visitor’s fingertips.

The entire facility and green area complex have been designed on the axis of the historic road which led to the monastic complex and the natural reserve of Karczówka hill.
Karczówkowska Street shall be the dividing line between two parts of the Garden. One of them is the exhibition part, located to the south of Karczówkowska Street, on the exposed hill slope. Here, individual sections of the Garden have been located , where homogeneous, specialised collections will be housed. The following sections have been planned: protected plants, plant taxonomy, indigenous flora, an arboretum, ornamental plants, domesticated plants, evolution and biology. Four water reservoirs have been designed (including three which are interconnected) for the purposes of presentation of aquatic and littoral vegetation. Moreover, the exhibition part shall contain children and teenagers’ teaching activity spots. The other part shall cover the ares to the north of Karczówkowska Street: here, larger buildings will be placed, including presentation glasshouses, a palm house complete with the Centre for Environmental Education and the Garden’s technical and maintenance facilities. In the vicinity, a car and coach park will be made. As a connector between the two parts of the Garden, an underground footpath will be built. It will house the Back to the Roots Gallery, intended to hold permanent and temporary exhibitions.