17 March 2016

The underground tourist route of Kadzielnia – caves

The underground tourist route running through the interconnected caves of “Odkrywców”, “Prochownia” and “Szczelina” (the Polish for “Explorers”, “Gunpowder Store” and “Crevice”, respectively) is a new highlight on the tourist map of Kielce and the region. Remarkable karst forms and dripstone, interesting minerals and fossils, together with the former alluvia, are but a handful of the caves’ many attractions. For adventure seekers, we have a special feature: a quest for the cave treasure, which is to be located with the help of a map available at the entrance – and the giude. This walk along the Kadzielnia underground route provides a unique opportunity to discover the nature-created world of caves, situated in the city centre. We look forward to seeing you here!



Speleoklub Świętokrzyski

phone: +48 695213381

hours: 9am – 5pm (from Monday to Saturday)


Advance booking is required.



Tuesday – Friday  10am – 4pm

Saturday – Sunday  11am – 5pm


Last entrance is 30 min before closing time.

The underground tourist route is open from April to November.