Visitors from japan in our Geopark

2 August 2017

Last weekend Geopark Kielce hosted Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark representatives. Our guests had a chance to see the most important geo-sites, cultural and tourist attractions in Kielce and świętokrzyskie region. We visited The Etnographic Park in Tokarnia, Regional Science and Technology Center in Podzamcze Chęcińskie, The European Center For Geological Education, castle ruins in Chęciny. We presented to our guests from Japan our geological reserves, The Underground Tourist Route of Kadzielnia and of course The Centre of Geoeducation in Kielce. All the trip were supplemented by local, polish food. In November 2016 was established the association of 5 municipalities (Kielce, Chęciny, Morawica, Sitkówka-Nowiny, Piekoszów), called “Geoland of The Holly Cross Mountains”. It’s an aspiring Geopark to the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. Oki Island UNESCO Global Geopark is already part of this network. Our meeting was a great opportunity to get some advices, knowledge and comments. We are very thankful for that!